BSR Conference 2013

The Power of Networks

November 5-8 / San Francisco

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Sustainability Hackathon

Huge thanks to all our hackathon participants for sharing their time, energy, and creativity to help bring positive impact into the world.


First Place

Windshed by Hackathon Team WattTime Windshed

In their own words:
Where can bypassing the electrical grid to rescue ailing wind farms pay for itself? This project will reduce energy prices, CO2 emissions, and energy grid congestion, all with a simple map. Check out the site!

Second Place

Who Cares? by Hackathon Team ProductBio

In their own words:
Harnessing the Power of Multi-Stakeholder Network Consensus to Create Shared Values

It is difficult to turn the opinions of multi-stakeholders into information, understanding, knowledge, strategy and finally decision, which is vital for business decisions to improve supply chain practices.

Crowdsourcing from a network of stakeholders can help to harness the strengths of different large groups of individuals to approach this kind of problem that is computationally difficult and inefficient.

In this 7-hour hack presented (9pm-4am!), practices submitted by Twitter participants (could be by consumers, CSR managers of companies, regulatory bodies, eco-label certifiers) can lead to hundreds of thousands of individual evaluative engagement points via and up-or-down priority vote. These votes move to naturally cluster on centers of consensus, uniquely capable of identifying common values by stakeholder group, and can be validated by comparing results between groups to find and create shared values.

Check it out:

Third Place

We Can Help by Hackathon Team Team Baja

In their own words:
Creating a distaster response network for everyday people.

What is it? “We can help” is a database of its users skills, abilities and resources. A database that is activated and drawn on as required. The app activates people based on the skills and resources that they themselves have said they can provide in a time of emergency. It’s an automated, geo located, active-auto response system. Source Code

Other Hacks

bSure by Safety First

In their own words:
Severe weather can disrupt more than a schedule, it can separate families. bSure helps families and friends help each other with child pickups and schedule changes in the event of severe storms, flooding or wind events. Used in conjunction with social navigation apps such as Waze, the ultimate goal is to provide safety assurance and reduced traffic congestion by allowing travel decisions to be made earlier, armed with good data, rather than in the midst of the event.

Human Rights: Making Oppression Backfire by Hackathon Team Less Than Three

In their own words:
The Human Rights phone application will take tactics described and developed in the “Making Oppression Backfire” nonviolent resistence manual and make them into a user friendly application activists can use in the field.

The techniques of "Making Oppression Backfire" are developed by the leaders of the Serbian youth movement that successfully ignited a popular revolution against the dictator Slobodan Milošević.

The app features will include tactics from each of the “phases” in the MOB booklet including a phone wipe feature, a mass text feature, and activities for preparing to face oppression. The phone application is intended to aid the safety and efficiency of a movement and the individuals involved.

Peer-To-Help-You by Hackathon Team, Inc.

In their own words:
What to do when you lose an internet connection and it's an emergency?

RightsReport by Hackathon Team Pumpkin O’Clock


Socially Responsible Investing by hackathon Tea401b

In their own words:
Investors do not really know how their 401k contributions are being invested. Investors who want to invest in funds that are in line with their moral values need a place to start.

With 401b we hope to create a network of individuals who have a passion for social and responsible investments. Through this hack, investors select their 401k provider and explore individual funds that meet the socially responsible guidelines. Through a forum, investors can connect with each other and share their experiences.

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