BSR Conference 2013

The Power of Networks

November 5-8 / San Francisco

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Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-Conference Training: CSR 101

This half-day interactive training will explore the core aspects of corporate responsibility and how to integrate CSR into the overall business agenda. In particular, the training will examine the definitions of and expectations for corporate responsibility and sustainability for multinational companies. Participants will learn about the business drivers for CSR performance, as well as how to articulate the factors necessary to define the scope of CSR, identify important and relevant trends, and define the core functions and practices all companies must maintain for a successful CSR program. Participants will leave with a broader understanding of CSR and the base information necessary to begin introducing and integrating sustainability into their businesses.

Pre-Conference Training: CSR 301

This half-day interactive training will draw on insights gleaned from BSR’s research and client engagements to highlight emerging trends and innovations in CSR. Participants will have an opportunity to share their knowledge and discuss ways to break through the typical challenges practitioners face in successfully innovating and implementing new CSR approaches. Topics will range from hypertransparency and new models of stakeholder engagement, to sustainable product development and the future of supply chain sustainability, and will be built around the specific objectives of the participants. Examples and case studies will provide practical guidance on how your company can capitalize on these trends to take CSR to the next level.

Pre-Conference Training: Human Rights Impact Assessments

As companies in all sectors are implementing human rights due diligence systems based on the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, they often struggle with how to assess human rights impacts efficiently and effectively. In this half-day training, participants will learn about the key steps in conduct human rights impact assessments (HRIAs) at the corporate, country, site, or product level. Using interactive exercises and real examples, we will introduce key principles for effective HRIAs and a step-by-step approach to minimizing human-rights-related risks and maximizing opportunities for positive impact. Small group exercises and case studies will apply the HRIA methodology to key human rights issues faced by participating companies.

Pre-Conference Training: Making Stakeholder Engagement Engaging

For many of us, stakeholder engagement conjures up an image of corporate and NGO representatives sitting around a U-shaped table in a stuffy room. This style of engagement is often fraught with challenges and does not always achieve the best possible results for the company or the participants. This half-day training will build upon lessons learned from the international development field to explore participatory methods for stakeholder engagement that have proven successful in various settings. A highly interactive format will provide the opportunity for participants to experience the participatory methods firsthand.

Pre-Conference Training: Strategy, Materiality, and Integration

This training will introduce participants to BSR tools and methodologies for creating high-impact CSR strategies that drive CSR leadership, propel business success, and generate results through integration. In group discussions and exercises, the presenters will walk participants through the development of business-aligned CSR strategies using BSR’s innovative strategy tools. Along the way, we will look at best-practice case studies on leading companies that have successfully aligned business and CSR goals, and we will discuss how companies address the challenge of measuring impact from CSR strategies. Participants will leave the training with a stronger understanding of how to develop powerful, integrated sustainability strategies that mitigate potential risks and produce value through new opportunities.

Pre-Conference Training: Trends in Sustainability Reporting

This year has seen and will continue to see significant developments in the sustainability reporting world. To help companies evolve their sustainability reporting approach and strategy, this training session will provide participants with insight into global reporting trends, including materiality considerations, integration with financial reporting, and regulation governing increased disclosure of sustainability issues at national and regional levels.

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