BSR Conference 2013

The Power of Networks

November 5-8 / San Francisco

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Peter Daszak

President, EcoHealth Alliance

Session Speaker

Peter Daszak

Peter Daszak’s research has been instrumental in predicting the impact of emerging diseases worldwide. His achievements include discovering that the disease chytridiomycosis is the cause of global amphibian declines, identifying the wildlife reservoir of SARS and the causes of Nipah and Hendra virus emergence, and producing the first global map of emerging disease hot spots. Daszak served on the Institute of Medicine’s Committee on global surveillance for emerging zoonoses (diseases or infections transmissible from vertebrate animals to humans) and has advised the Director for Medical Preparedness Policy on the White House National Security Staff on global health issues. He has written more than 150 scientific papers, and his work has been the focus of extensive media coverage, ranging from popular press articles to television appearances.

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